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The Black Book Of Cards

The Black Book Of Cards

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Black Book Of Cards V1 is a deck of playing cards that is timeless, modern, and unique to each one of us.

Printed by the United Sates Playing Card Co, A beautifully designed typographic deck of playing cards built on a unique notion that we all hold a card within the playing card deck assigned to us based on the day we were born. Very similar to our zodiac sign suggesting personal characteristics and traits for those who hold that card. Each of the 54 cards within the deck are created through different distinct typographic designs with words suggesting the personality traits of those who are assigned to each card. Each card is its own custom piece of artwork with a meticulous typographic design focusing on form, pattern, type. The deck is upgraded to a premium Casino Quality Bee ® card stock and encased in a lavish soft touch tuck box embossed with an intricate leather like texture to give the look and feeling of a leather bound book. The cards are enriched with a sophisticated back design representing a silk moiré book cloth to complete the overall vision for the Black Book of Cards deck.

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