First and foremost, let us begin by paying tribute to the ones who started it all, Dan & Dave Buck! The greatest pioneers of the custom playing card who not only invented this realm but we owe it to them for creating relevancy to Cardistry and the world of modern playing cards. So before you go crying, instead how about we ALL take a moment to thank the Bucktwins for their insurmountable contribution to this community.


Black Market Decks is owned and operated by Islas Co. and we’ve been involved in the collector market for well over a decade specializing in: buying, selling, and distributing. Throughout the years we’ve created friendships, networks, and connections that have granted us access to some of the most sought after and out of print cards around.




Our mission is to bring to market some of the world’s most rare and collectible playing cards ever produced. The collection accounts for numerous deck acquisitions, many of which time has forgotten about and others who have captivated the minds of serious playing card connoisseurs everywhere. We want to provide a platform that will offer a trusted marketplace for collectors to sell unique items and prove to the world that CARD COLLECTING and CARDISTRY, will never die!




Over the next several months we plan to reveal collaborations with some of the best names in the business AND produce projects that will be exclusive to the BMD site. Stay tuned!