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The first photographic exhibition presented in a deck of playing cards. Each playing card is completely unique, featuring iconic photography by Brad Fulton. Beautifully printed by the US Playing Card Company and housed in a letterpressed tuck case.

This photographic celebration spans two decades of Mr. Fultons illustrious career in the photographic arts. From the beginnings of Cardistry with longtime collaborators Dan & Dave Buck--to countless celebrity portraits created while working in Hollywood.

Two distinct editions exist. A "hand-inspected" version individually signed and numbered by Brad Fulton. The tuck is printed in Fulton Process Black, a unique letter pressing of black ink that subtly mimics the grain-rich texture of all Fulton Photography. Limited to 250 Sets, half of which were sold at Fulton's Playing Cards.

The Fulton Orange Tuck on the Standard Edition is beautifully printed to mimic vintage darkroom chemical packaging--the very agents used by Fulton to create the images found within this deck. Limited to 750 Sets, half of which were sold at Fulton's Playing Cards.

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