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Where do your decks come from?
Most all of the decks offered here come from our private collection. For nearly a decade we've invested a large amount of time and money building up a collection of playing cards in anticipation for a site such as the one we've created here.


How do you ship the decks?
Residents of the United States will have the option to pick shipping rates from both the U.S. Postal Service and FedEx. All International orders will ship FedEx with delivery confirmation. We do not offer First Class Mail. 

All orders are shipped from San Diego, CA by AOP Fulfillment.

Will you be adding new decks to the site?
We are not currently seeking new decks to add to the site however we will continue to release limited edition decks from our archive over time.

How do you set your prices?

Prices are based on several factors such as market availability, demand, quantity, popularity, and condition in which the decks(s) are in. 

Do you buy third-party playing card collections?

No. We are not looking to acquire collections at this time.


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